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Artemis Szeto

Artemis Szeto / Senior Associate

Artemis obtained Juris Doctor and PCLL from City University of Hong Kong. She focuses her practice in commercial and corporate finance including initial public offerings, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, pre-IPO assessment and compliance matters for listed companies and private companies as well as advising clients on the Securities and Futures Ordinance and the rules and codes of the Securities and Futures Commission.
Fung Kin Wah, Franky

FUNG Kin Wah, Franky / Partner

Fung Kin Wah, Franky is the partner of Sun Lawyers LLP. His scope of services covers corporate, commercial and trust matters. He assists clients on commercial contracts, mergers and acquisitions, sale and purchase of shares and businesses, legal due diligence, shareholders’ agreements, and company secretarial practice. For trust practice, he advises on registration and licensing of trust companies and family trust set up. Various external organizations also engage Franky to conduct trainings, seminars, and contribute legal articles to LexisNexis, a legal research platform.
Szeto Wai Sun

SZETO Wai Sun / Senior Partner

SZETO Wai Sun is the founder and senior partner of Sun Lawyers LLP. His scope of service covers corporate and commercial matters; contracts; business organization, from set up to dissolution; and dispute resolution. His early practice also involved a lot of conveyancing works, and he has advised in a number of New Territories Small House developments