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Risk Management

We are living in an era where services you want can be obtained online – even the “person” giving you the investment advice could only exist virtually. We once advised an imaginative app developer whose app can intelligently converse with retail investors. It can respond to your request, generate news you are interested in and recommend to you what “he” believes is a suitable investment package.  With full picture of the client’s innovative products in mind, we precisely pinpointed the risks

Preparation of Shareholders’ Agreement and Other Regulations

Advising an emerging tech company in the agriculture industry in respect of the preparation of Shareholders’ Agreement and other regulations related to the business. We advised and supported a rising tech company in the agriculture industry to prepare a shareholders’ agreement prior to the commencement of its fundraising campaign. Through consultation, we tailor-made a shareholders’ agreement that matches the needs and anticipated growth of the company. We also provided advice on regulations in the areas of IP protection and employment matters.

SUN Lawyers’ Participation in HKU LEAP

During the academic year 2020/2021, our Firm joined the Legal Advice Program (“LEAP”) of The University of Hong Kong (“HKU”). LEAP aims to encourage HKU law students’ participation in pro bono services. This meaningful programme allows law students to apply and expand their legal knowledge through engaging in real legal work, while allowing students to acquaint themselves with the work culture at law firms and expanding their social network. We have taken a total of 7 HKU students, and allocated 5 lawyers