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SUN Lawyers’ Participation in HKU LEAP 2023

During the academic year 2022/2023, our Firm continue to join the Legal Advice Program (“LEAP”) of The University of Hong Kong (“HKU”).

We have taken a total of 4 HKU students, and allocated 2 lawyers to provide pro bono services to 2 organizations from various industries, including rooftop farming and art education.

We are pleased to hear favorable feedbacks from the students:

Flora Ling:

“My experience of working at Sun Lawyers has been extremely pleasant and meaningful. I had the opportunity to assist a SME specialised in providing rooftop farming services. Through reviewing its contract and communicating with the company representative, I became familiar with this relatively new industry and gained insight on the legal challenges faced by these SMEs. I greatly benefitted from the feedback and comments given by my supervisors, especially in terms of the application of legal knowledge into protecting the interests of clients.”

Selina Wu:

“I am truly grateful to be offered the opportunity to become a pro bono student volunteer at Sun Lawyers. Through the semester’s attachment, I was able to engage and assist in pro bono legal tasks involving SMEs. It was fulfilling to be involved in the team, so as to help our client in drafting its service agreement. I furthermore realized the legal difficulties they often encounter due to their limited access to legal knowledge and advice. It was a rewarding work experience to be able to serve SMEs and alleviate their legal problems, being a law student.”

Samuel Lai:

“Being a student volunteer at Sun Lawyers has been a rewarding and valuable experience. I am grateful to have been involved in a number of practical drafting tasks which not only honed my legal skills but also my collaboration ability with my peers. The fact that I was primarily tasked with pro bono work during the Programme also really fostered my sense of responsibility towards society. It has been a pleasure working here.”

Joyce Leung:

“Drafting contracts is an exercise that requires meticulous corrections and precision. This was an important task and during this program I was able to practise it substantially on hand. Sun Lawyers were often generously supporting us by giving us suggestions on how to improve. One significant takeaway was learning how to think on a client-based stance and perspective since this affected how we should draft the contract.

Legal research is also a skillset that I have improved for the reference of materials for drafting the model articles and adding relevant terms. It was also nice to work with my friend, Samuel. We got to discuss the different particulars in the contract and in the model articles and exchanged opinions on finalising the documents before sending them out.

Overall, this was a rewarding experience and I was grateful to have joined this program.”