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Services for New Economy

Fund-Raising, Regulatory Compliance, Merger & Acquisition

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What Your New Economy Business Needs

We assist all along your growth at every stage.

Seed / Startup Stage

<ul> <li align="left" class="text-nowrap"> Corporate / Foundation structure </li> <li align="left" class="text-nowrap"> Regulatory compliance </li> <li align="left" class="text-nowrap"> Shareholders agreement </li> </ul>

Early Stage

<ul> <li align="left" class="text-nowrap"> Fund Raising </li> <li align="left" class="text-nowrap"> Strategic Investment Structure </li> <li align="left" class="text-nowrap"> Investment Agreement </li> <li align="left" class="text-nowrap"> Employee Incentive Arrangements </li> </ul>

Later Stage

<ul> <li align="left" class="text-nowrap"> Due Diligence check </li> <li align="left" class="text-nowrap"> Merger and Acquisition </li> </ul>

Public Market

<ul> <li align="left" class="text-nowrap"> Pre-IPO advice </li> <li align="left" class="text-nowrap"> Exit strategy </li> </ul>

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    Our Services

    We work as what we promise, this is why we wanna be your long-term companion. Everyone’s time is precious, we always care and know what you want wholeheartedly. We’re sure your trust on us will always be rewarded and will never be disappointed.

    • Due Diligence Check

      We will spare no efforts to identify risks associated with your deal and propose best solutions to protect your legitimate interest.

    • Advising on regulatory compliance

      Our professionals possess expertise in a wide range of laws in relation to your business; we help you deal with the legal concerns.

    • Preparing feasibility reports in relation to the proposed new business(es)

      Your innovative business model will be cherished, while we will keep you informed of the industry insights and help you make adjustment.

    • Drafting and advising on shareholders/investment financing agreements

      We assist you in clarifying the relationships among your founders; when your business get flourish, the foundation remains solid.

    • Advising on employee incentive arrangements

      With incentive program in place, talents will be attracted and remain; we will help you design a well-rounded program.

    • Fund raising

      There exist various ways to raise fund for start-ups; we possess resources and experiences for your fund-raising activities.

    Meet Our Team

    With twenty years of experience, our team are professed not only on Law practicing, we listen to and understand your business, your industry, and importantly your need. Indeed, we’re eager and enjoyed to be cooperating with you immediately :- 

    Mr. SZETO Wai Sun

    Szeto Wai Sun has advised a number of credit unions in Hong Kong, and has shown keen interest in the credit union movement there.

    Founder & Senior Consultant

    Mr. FUNG Kin Wah, Franky

    Franky's scope of services covers corporate, commercial and trust matters. For trust practice, he advises on registration and licensing of trust companies and family trust set up.


    Ms. Artemis Szeto

    Artemis obtained Juris Doctor and PCLL from City University of Hong Kong. She focuses her practice in commercial and corporate finance including initial public offerings, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, pre-IPO assessment and compliance matters.


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